About Us

We pride ourselves in being able to provide the utmost experience possible for ladies looking to find their perfect Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom outfits. Founded in 1972 by Mary and Charles Featley, the business has seen three generations work in the shop. 

A little bit about Mary...

Mary Featley moved to England at 11 years old from County Mayo. At 26 years old she founded 'Marys of Enfield' in 1972. She was not only an excellent business woman but a brilliant Mother, Grandmother and always a style icon. Looking gorgeous while doing so, she created a successful business that is now run by her two daughters Trina and Tracy. In addition to this, Trina's daughter India also works at the shop, as does her Mother in law Frances. As well as our family we also have a number of other fabulous women working at the shop. This team is made is made up of- Antonella, Franca, Chrissie and Naya. We are proud to be a family business consisting of a team of strong and independent women and will always do our best to ensure that you are made to look and feel special.