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Why You Should Choose a Floral Mother of the Bride Dress

Veni Infantino | Champagne/red print dress | 36001 | Mary's of Enfield

We absolutely love floral designs. They can make a formal outfit elegant and classy, at the same time as retaining an air of informality. Floral mother of the bride dresses can look absolutely stunning and work exceptionally well for spring and summer weddings.

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or the groom, you’ll obviously want to look your best for your child’s big day and florals are a great choice. The beauty of floral designs is that they’ll work well whatever your personal preferences or the theme of the wedding.

Big, bold splashes of colour

If you’ve got a big personality and like standing out in the crowd, then you’ll love the bright colours of Veni Infantino’s new Red & nude floral dress or Royal floral dress. The colour and floral embellishments come from the brightly coloured chiffon overlay which gives it a light, floaty feel that makes it such fun to wear. The A-line shape, high neck chiffon and three-quarter length sleeves are hugely desirable in mother of the bride dresses.

Pretty pastels

Pastel colours are very popular for floral mother of the bride dresses. When it comes to floral designs, the many different pastel shades that make up real flowers work together to create a print that’s beautiful and harmonious. The best example of this is the Veni Infantino Champagne & red printed dress that’s extremely elegant at the same time as being easy to wear. It’s the sort of dress that will look great whether you’re wearing high heels or flats, giving you the chance to change into more comfortable shoes in the evening so you can show the younger people a thing or two on the dance floor!

Formal florals

If your son or daughter’s wedding is going to be formal or will take place in autumn or winter, you may not want to go ‘full floral’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have flowers on your outfit. Even with a formal navy colour, you can brighten things up with a floral print, such as Couture Club’s Marino floral hi lo dress. The silver & lilac flowers transform the dress into an elegant statement that’s perfect for a wedding. It’s also the sort of dress that you can wear for different special occasions afterwards – Ladies Day at Ascot perhaps?

Can you wear white at someone else’s wedding?

White, ivory and cream coloured dresses are usually the reserve of the bride. However, if you add a floral print to a white background, it changes the dynamic of the dress giving you the perfect look for the mother of the bride or groom. Veromia’s Irresistible pink/violet hi-lo floral dress is a great example of this. It’s definitely a dress fit for the wedding of one of the most important people in your life. And if your daughter – or future daughter-in-law – is wearing a fishtail wedding dress, this could be the perfect statement of solidarity and love.

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