• 1. I am travelling to you by car, is there parking available nearby?

    Yes there is indeed. We have our own car park located at the back of the shop and the address is Lowfield Lane EN11 8PJ. If you have any trouble finding this then just give us a call and we will be able to direct you. If our car park is full then there is also a church car park located opposite the shop as well as numerous supermarket car parks within a 5 minute walk away. 

  • 2. Do I need an appointment to come and view the stock?

    No appointment is needed to come and view/try on the stock. We are open from 9:30-5:30 Monday-Saturday and you are welcome to come in at any of these times. 

  • 3. I've found my perfect dress in your shop but it doesn't fit quite right, do you offer an alteration service?

    Yes we do. We have an amazing in house seamstress who is able to work wonders. Whether it's too long, too big or just not sitting right, Chrissy will try her best to accommodate you. If the dress is a little snug then it is also sometimes possible to let them out slightly depending on the seam allowance. 

  • 4. Am I able to bring family/friends along with me to help me decide?

    Of course. You are able to bring whoever you wish along with you and we offer comfortable sofas for them to use while you try. However, from experience we would say that people have more successful trips with less people brought along as it can get a little confusing to hear so many opinions. 

  • 5. I want to avoid a traditional look and would love something more modern, will you be able to accommodate this?

    We aim to carry a wide range of stock in order to be able to entertain the likes of all of our clients. We have traditional dress and jacket suits as well as more modern suits and stand alone dress's which are becoming increasingly more popular. The outfits will look completely different on you compared to on the hanger so I would advise that you to come in with an open mind and try a number of different styles to see what works for you. 

  • 6. What sizes do you stock?

    We currently stock sizes 6-26. We aim to have a wide range of sizes to ensure that there is something for everyone. 

  • 7. When should I start to look for my outfit?

    Our largest collection of the year comes in January. To ensure you get the widest range of stock to look at I would recommend coming in around January/February. We do get deliveries later on in the year however these tend to be smaller collections. If you would like to know when a particular collection has arrived then give us a call and we can pop you on our mailing list and inform you when it comes in.